Interview with Prof. Grebner

What is an artificial intelligence or what is an AI?

How has AI developed over the past decades?

How will AI continue to develop in the future?

Where do you see the greatest difficulties in the development of AI?

Where do you see the greatest opportunities in the development of AI?

What paths is FHWS taking in the field of AI research?

How will artificial intelligence affect studies in the distant future?

What talents should you bring to be successful in an AI degree programme?

What does artificial intelligence mean for the workplace of the future?

When can we expect to see the strong AI?

There is the project "AI-meets-SME" at FHWS. What is it about?

CV of Prof. Dr. Robert Grebner

Since his doctorate, computer scientist Prof. Dr. Robert Grebner has been working in the field of implementing intelligent software agents which support humans in their work through structured workflow and unstructured work group processes. Already as a student, he founded a software company with a fellow student to develop office and corporate software. His research fields are information theory, strong Artificial Intelligence and the use and development of software in production planning and control as well as in manufacturing execution. He was responsible for the latter for several years at a subsidiary of the automotive supplier Freudenberg Seals and Vibration Control Technology.

Since 2002 he has been active as a professor at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) where he develops knowledge and systems in the fields of business intelligence and strong AI in teaching and research.

With the assumption of the presidency in 2012, FHWS is developing into an internationally-oriented institution of higher education with innovative study models in German and English. With the centres for robotics (CERI) in Schweinfurt and for AI (CAIRO) in Würzburg, funded by Bavaria's High-Tech Agenda, significant focal points are being set in the area of digitalisation, which benefit students, researchers, the economy and society. In addition, FHWS is also committed to the topic of climate change and has been successfully running Germany's first bachelor's degree programme in Hydrogen Technology in Schweinfurt since 2021 in order to train the engineers needed to implement the hydrogen strategies of Bavaria, Germany, and Europe.

Prof. Dr. Robert Grebner is convinced: Artificial Intelligence will transform the current state of our economy and society at a pace already known from computerisation and digitisation. Artificial Intelligence, however, in its next stage of development, will fundamentally change the economy and society and uncover potential for innovation for decades to come.