Careers at THWS

The ongoing expansion of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIRO) is opening up promising career opportunities for researchers with the right background.

Starting from the fundamental areas of intelligence (perceiving, reasoning and acting) along with a concept-based representation of knowledge, it is possible to distinguish the interlinked subfields of AI, i.e. perception and conceptualization (perceiving), problem recognition and conceptual solving (acting) and conceptual learning (central reasoning).

CAIRO is establishing dedicated focal points for these defined areas which will be supported on the basis of several research professorships. 

Job offers

The THWS stands out through strong internationalisation measures, supports the region through knowledge transfer, especially through the establishment of the Center of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics (CAIRO), and lays great emphasis on high quality standards.

To strengthen the focus on applied research, a total of four professorships (W2) will be announced. The professorships and the activities of their holders will be the heart of the centre. They are expected to actively pursue industrial projects to enable the transfer of knowledge from the university to industry. All positions will be anchored at the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems (FIW) in Würzburg.

In addition, CAIRO team is looking for research collaborators:

The following applies to all vacancies:

The comprehensive job vacancies as well as the general prerequisties for employment are available on our Online Portal.

The Free State of Bavaria not only offers ideal working conditions and excellent quality of life, but also special, state-specific salary regulations.

THWS promotes professional equality for women and strives to increase the ratio of women especially in academic staff. Applications from female candidates are particularly welcome. The THWS women’s affairs officer, Prof. Christina Völkl-Wolf, will be pleased to answer any questions.

In case of otherwise identical aptitude, skills and accomplishments, applicants with disabilities (m/f/d) will receive preferential treatment.

If you feel qualified and are keen to be professor at THWS, we look forward to your convincing application with the usual documents (CV, certificates, evidence of your professional stations as well as the scientific work) via our Online Portal.

The application deadline is specified in the individual advertisements.

Female professor at THWS

Career paths and perspectives for post-doctorate women with work experience and pedagogical suitability

  • University entrance qualification
  • Doctorate
  • 5 years work experience including 3 years outside the higher education sector
  • Teaching experience or pedagogical suitability

Habilitation not required

Contact person

Eva Kaupp
Dept. Of Public Affairs and Communications
+49 9721 940-8566

Further information on the website of the THWS Women's Affairs Officer

Qualification programme “Get into the lecture halls”

The qualification programme “Get into the lecture halls” of the regional conference of the commissioners for women’s rights and equal opportunities at Bavarian higher education institutions (LaKoF Bayern) is geared towards women who are interested in a career as a professor.


  • On the occupational profile of a professor,
  • On the appointment requirements and the procedure


  • Sessional lectureship at a Bavarian higher education institution
  • Coaching seminars for the appointment procedure

The LaKoF Bayern provides more information under

Advantages for professors:

  • Autonomy and flexibility
  • Good reconciliation of work and family life
  • Setting your own priorities in teaching and research
  • Meaningful work with lots of freedom
  • Contact with practical work, cooperation with companies
  • International orientation of FHWS
  • Knowledge transfer to the next generation and the industry
  • Manifold cooperations with industrial companies from the Mainfranken region
  • One workday per week reserved for ancillary activities
  • Workplace guarantee with lifetime civil servant status